Management Team

The DMS Management Team

Leadership Aligned for Positive Results

DMS’ talented leadership comes from large businesses bringing over 50 years of direct industry experience to develop sound business practices that allow for functional efficiency, accurate and scalable operations, and monitoring for maximum quality and client satisfaction. The DMS management team leads the organization in a way that inspires without being overbearing. They are strategically aligned in all we do, and work with a sense of team that invokes “one heartbeat.”

DMS’s stable leadership embodies and communicates the company principles. DMS’ basic tenets are that:

  • People come first.
  • The client is always right.
  • We work to live not live to work.
  • We enjoy learning new things.
  • We strongly value our integrity.

Through this leadership and these principles we offer the best to our client base and our employees. We are simply, “A Different Type of Company”. DMS is different because our clients and employees say we are. DMS’ growth and success has been in direct response to client satisfaction.




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