Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Another way DMS is committed to Deliver

DMS’ Technology Transfer capabilities is a proprietary methodology that introduces a disruptive technology (the term originally popularized in 1997 by Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen) into a clearly defined market that will have the longest cycle before competitive replication. In order to do that we choose initial targets that provide the deepest embed into the largest industries. That places the technology at the heart of future market places. Once established, it has the lowest risk to our potential customers because all the materials and application testing will have already been completed by DMS and ready for the U.S. Manufacturing sector.

The bases of our thinking in the area of Technology Transfer is based on Professor Clayton Christensen (  Below are a few links on Professor Christensen as he talks about his philosophy and strategy.

This approach is what is guiding DMS’ strategic process; that is, entering into a new market “ahead” of competitors to force them out of the market that we are developing — i.e. Our customer is not going to anyone else for a new gearing system because we’ve made it simple and affordable.  The risk is low and the ROI is high.



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