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Performance Description

DMS provides support services for research in developing telemetry technologies, high speed communication technologies, munitions, weapon concepts, and counter-IED technologies to improve war fighter capabilities to enhance overall survivability and lethality. Contract focus areas include: telemetry technology, weapons analysis and systems performance, improvement of soldier and equipment survivability, and development and prototyping of ordnance components, along with development of counter IED technology.

DMS scientists have also developed unique noise reduction technology that utilizes new frequency-dependent magnetic-shielding concepts to address electronics-based distortions.  The work has led to improvements in high speed wireless communications used in telemetry monitoring and may have applicability in other wireless, network, and satellite communications systems; for example, to help compensate for the attenuation of an extremely weak signal received by Low Noise Block (LNB) down converters use by satellite dishes.

DMS engineers have extensive experience in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) used to gather and transmit micro-sensor data, including: design, prototyping, and production. Some of this information was used to develop and deploy improvements in precision projectiles under one project with this contract program known as the Very Affordable Precision Projectile (VAPP) project.

DMS provides engineering services in support of a variety of RDT&E projects for the Weapons and Materials Directorate at Army Research Laboratory. Many of these special projects require an accelerated flexible development cycle. DMS maintains customer flexibility, responding to the rapid advances in both high speed data collection and its related technologies.  These technologies range from wireless communications, noise reduction and filtering, circuit development, design and prototyping, to the development of software applications to support the modeling and simulation required for systems analysis and experimental design.

DMS past performance includes expertise areas to develop complex algorithms for flight control and near-real time data collection and analysis as well as signal enhancement of micro-sensor data.   DMS has also supported the field testing and evaluation of these systems and conducted performance analyses in support of Verification and Validation studies.   This performance analysis work can be applied for both Critical Design Review and Test Readiness

DMS also has experience in providing Earned Value Management System data to monitor and assess contract progress with respect to the Contract WBS and EVMS Plan.

DMS has experience working with Low Rate Initial Production and Full Rate Production with two projects at ARL; the Precision Extended Range Monition (PERM) program and the Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems (GSIS) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) program DMS’ Field Service Representatives (FSR) work on projects fielding and testing technologies, such as Cold Spray Coatings, thermal management system in MRAP electronic components, flight controlled mortar, and the aerodynamics functional working group. We are experienced in the design of experiments (including engineering & qualifying test methods, identifying test materials, and determining test parameters), implementation, formulation, research and data analysis. We provide rapid low volume acquisition / production of equipment is support of special projects such as the Navy Advanced Modular Gun Program.

DMS repairs equipment and parts that come out of theatre, such as helicopter parts using cold spray technologies. DMS supports the operations and logistics for the Lethality Division re-organization; this consisted of moving and setting up 290 people, 10 labs, and major equipment such as CNC, Bridgeport and drill presses. DMS provides engineering services and data preparation for the FCMortar program. Our engineers provided the documentation for the tail kit assembly, including mechanical drawings for the individual tail kit parts, and assembly and test instructions. DMS fabricates materials for rapid prototyping effort.  DMS uses modeling and design software to aid design and fabrication.

Other Aspects of Performance

Compliance of Products, Services, Documents, and Related Deliverables to Specification Requirements and Standards of Good Workmanship:

In providing engineering and scientific support, DMS adheres to all applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provided by the Government Contracting Officer Representative (COR). DMS participates in site safety committees for the review and updates of SOPs, ISO 9001, and test range safety (ISO 400 series) compliance.

Effectiveness of Project Management (to include use and control of subcontractors): DMS’ effectiveness in Project Management is exceptional. The key factor in providing exceptional Project Management is in providing personnel who have experience in a RDT&E environment along with project management expertise. An example of our ability to resolve technical problems quickly and effectively is: ARL did not have the budget allocations to certify their contractors for respirator required operations.  DMS worked with ARL to institute a partnership with a third party provider of occupational medical services.  Due to budget constraints, DMS used its contract vehicle to facilitate the respirator certification program. This program is consistent with CFR 1910.134(e) and related OSHA regulations.

Timeliness of Performance for Services and Product Deliverables, including the Administrative Aspects of Performance: DMS has consistently exceeded the performance standards for services on this contract. An example of this is: In 2008 ARL experienced two major accidents that led to fatalities among the staff. ARL suspended normal operations of their laboratories while they conducted a review of their emergency safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and emergency medical response procedures. A gap analysis showed a deficiency in emergency medical response to less than critical care events. ARL enlisted the support of DMS due to our involvement in high risk projects within the laboratory environment. DMS used its reach-back capabilities within the APG community to locate, qualify, and contract an independent supplier to provide offsite emergency medical care to bridge the gap identified in ARL review. This was completed within the ARL review cycle so that DMS had the capability in place before normal operations resumed.

Effectiveness in Forecasting and Controlling Project Cost: DMS has stayed within budget on this contract and on the previous contract from the same customer.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Businesslike Concern for its Customers’ Interest: To fully support the mission at ARL, DMS established an office across the street from Aberdeen Proving Ground. This allows our Program Manager to meet with the customers at any time and also provide offsite meeting space for our ARL customers when they have international visitors who may not be allowed on base. We have daily access to our customer and our employees that work on site.

Quality of Product: DMS deliverables meet or exceed all contract requirements.

Ability to Resolve Problems: DMS has an established record of a 1 to 4 hour initial response to identified problems with average resolution time of 1 to 2 business days.

Overall Satisfaction: DMS has been awarded multiple contracts from the same customers for the past 10 years. These awards are based on the selection, training, and performance of DMS employees.    Several of our scientist have represented our customer at conferences and professional society presentations in their respective areas of expertise.  Our customer characterized our staff performance as exemplary and recently noted that our efforts in conception, formulation, and execution of “analytic and experimental approaches to engineering problem solving…have earned accolades in the Guided Munition[s] community” as well as “making significant contributions to critical projects.” 





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